Brand Development

& Management

At 9 Dezyne, we’re in the business of building and managing diverse brands and sustaining long-term client relationships. We produce powerful brand experiences by strategic insight, thoughtful planning and enhanced implementation.

Our diverse team of brilliant writers, designers, marketers and visionaries help to expand & brew new brands and grow existing ones.

Brilliant Writers, Designers, Marketers & Visionaries

Brand Development Experts

Once you have a brand, you have to spread awareness so the rest of the world connects your brand with your company’s industry – “brand development”. It takes planning to identify which outlets to utilize to reach the exact audience. Are you going to make use of social media? Which platforms? Is your website engaging and is it using the precise keywords? Does your company own a blog? Is it reaching to the correct media? All of these essentials, when done right, help strongly develop your brand.

Our brand development specialists are geared up to facilitate you in finding the right techniques for establishing your brand. We guide you through the course of action and discover the right outlets and contacts to assist your brand become identical with your company.

Brand Management Specialists

Once the brand has been developed, now you require managing the brand. Managing your brand means you have to continuously monitor and shield it.

If something happens that concerns your brand image or there is someone out there speaking negative things about your brand, you need to know about it. Your company must get all of the information about what customers and competitors are speaking about you. You should be able to act in response to that, adjusting your marketing and brand strategy in accordance.

At 9 Dezyne, we use the most up-to-date tools and methods to track your reputation and manage your brand. We have the right media contacts, the best response strategies and we battle to protect your reputation.

Our Brand Management services involve:

  • Reputation/Brand protection
  • Reputation repair
  • Brand analysis
  • Marketing

9 Dezyne brand development and management services can help you:

  • Audit your online and offline branding & marketing activities
  • Define your brand positioning and proposition
  • Identify brand names, strap lines and product descriptors
  • Develop a ‘Creative Strategy’ which clarifies what your brand stands for, your values, vision and rationale.
  • Manage the brand for consistency, stability, tone of voice and expression
  • Prepare your staff to ‘live the brand’